AS/NZS IEC 62676.2.2:2020 PDF


Video surveillance systems for use in security applications, Part 2.2: Video transmission protocols IP interoperability implementation based on HTTP and REST services
standard by Standards Australia / Standards New Zealand, 04/24/2020

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This Standard adopts IEC 62676-2-2:2013, which specifies a compliant IP video protocol based on HTTP and REST services.Video transmission devices are often equipped with web servers that respond to HTTP requests. The HTTP response may contain XML content (for GET actions), XML response information (for SET actions), or various text/binary content (for retrieval of configuration data, etc.). REST is an approach to creating services that expose all information as resources in a uniform way. The ease of using REST is its uniform interface for operations. Since everything is represented as a resource, create, retrieve, update, and delete (CRUD) operations use the same URI. This specification leverages the features of HTTP and REST for IP video transmission.A video transmission device supporting conformance to the requirements of this standard based on HTTP and REST Services as described in this document is declared as compatible to ??AS/NZS IEC 62676-2 HTTP and REST interoperability.

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