AS/NZS 1553.2:1999 PDF


Covered electrodes for welding – Low and intermediate alloy steel electrodes for manual metal-arc welding of carbon steels and low and intermediate alloy steels
standard by Standards Australia / Standards New Zealand, 01/01/1999

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Specifies requirements for covered electrodes which provide weld metal strengths within the range 480 MPa to 830 MPa. Electrodes are classified on the basis of the tensile properties of the deposited weld metal, the operational characteristics of the electrode, and the chemical composition of the deposited metal. Provision is made for hydrogen-controlled and metal-enriched electrodes. Requirements are given for sizes of electrodes, core wire, flux covering, testing, safety warnings, packaging, marking and storage. Tests include chemical analysis of weld metal, all-weld-metal tensile and impact tests, radiography, electrode efficiency, coating moisture absorptions, hydrogen test and fillet weld test. Appendices on intended applications of electrodes, and health and safety requirements are included.

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