AS/NZS 1301.418S:1994 PDF


Methods of test for pulp and paper – Ash content of wood, pulp, paper and board
standard by Standards Australia / Standards New Zealand, 08/15/1994

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Prescribes procedures for the determination of ash content of wood, pulp, paper and board. The revision includes a change to the ashing temperature. There are optional temperatures for paper and board, and the selection of temperature will depend on the purpose of the test. It is common practice to incorporate calcium carbonate into certain papers and boards. A temperature of 900 degrees Celsius will decompose calcium carbonate to calcium oxide, a temperature of 520 degrees Celsius will leave calcium carbonate undecomposed. The user will choose one of these temperatures depending on which form of calcium is required in the residue. The ashing temperature for wood and pulp is now 925 ??? 25 degrees Celsius to bring it into line with the high temperature ashing of paper.

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