AS 3600-1994 PDF


Concrete structures
standard by Standards Australia, 01/01/1994

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Sets out minimum requirements for the analysis, design and construction of concrete structures and members which contain reinforcing steel, or prestressing tendons or both, and requirements for plain concrete structures and members. The Standard applies to concrete with a characteristic compressive strength in the range of 20 MPa to 50 MPa and a density in the range 1800 kg/m(sup)3(/sup) to 2800 kgm(sup)3(/sup). Although intended mainly for building structures and members, it may also be applied to pedestrian, road and railway bridges unless otherwise required by the relevant authority. It does not apply to mass concrete structures. Design requirements are given for the limit-states of stability, strength, serviceability, durability and for resistance to fire and earthquakes. Rules are also given for assessing the compliance of concrete supplied by a manufacturer and for prototype or proof testing of finished members and structures.

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