AS 3000-1991 PDF


Electrical installations – Buildings, structures and premises (known as the SAA Wiring Rules)
standard by Standards Australia, 12/09/1991

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Enumerates requirements for ensuring safety from fire and shock for all electrical installations in or on buildings, structures, and premises, other than for installations in an electricity supply authority’s premises and for equipment belonging to the supply authority installed in a consumer’s premises. The sections deal with definitions and nomenclature; general requirements; general arrangement, control and protection; installation of wiring; installation of equipment; earthing; special situations; extra-low voltage installations; high voltage installations; and hazardous locations. Appendices provide additional information on Australian Standards applicable to electrical materials and equipment; cables and conductors; busbars; aerial lines; installation of cables in conduit, tube or pipe; classification and delineation of hazardous areas; examples; alterations, additions and pairs; assessment of switchgear assemblies.

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