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Methods for the ultrasonic testing of fusion welded joints in steel
standard by Standards Australia, 01/01/1980

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Provides for manual examination of seven configurations of fusion welded joints in steels of thickness not less than 6 mm. Five levels of testing are provided for and procedures are described for establishing the test sensitivity. Minimum surface preparation requirements for testing are described and a classification is given for additional preparations. Each method sets out scanning positions for normal and angle probes and procedures for the evaluation of discontinuities based on a 20 dB intensity drop system, and provision is made for additional optional methods for evaluation of discontinuities. Appendices cover purchasing guidelines, guidance on ultrasonic testing, alternative methods for establishing sensitivity, methods for the determination of attenuation and transfer losses, factors influencing probe selection, notation system for recording location and size of discontinuities, identification of discontinuities, welding terminology and symbols, record of results, compensation for convex curvature, and the use of reflectivity diagrams.

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