AS 1906.1-1976 PDF


Retroreflective materials and devices for road traffic control purposes Retroreflective materials
standard by Standards Australia, 01/01/1976

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This specification defines the performance requirements and the test methods for checking compliance with these requirements for retroreflective materials intended for use in the manufacture of traffic control devices. It does not apply to reflective pavement markings or to markers placed directly on the pavement surface. Devives to which the material covered by the specification would be applied include road signs and delineators generally located above or to one side of the carriageway clear of normal vehicular paths. They normally display a vertical or near-vertical surface to the observers for whom they are intended. Retroreflective material usually consists of minute glass beads enclosed in a thin transparent smooth-surfaced plastics matrix, tinted according to the required colour. It is designed generally for the reflectorization of large areas; legend shapes or delineators may also be cut from it.

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